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Web development

Work with the solutions you need

All businesses are unique. That's why our talented team of web developers have created tools tailored to your individual needs. We believe that web technology should adapt to you, not the other way around; whether it's for a website, a portal, ERP / CRM integration or for the development of a bespoke management application, we'll find the perfect solution for you and your business no matter how large the task.


Grow your Business

E-Commerce merchants walk a fine line; while most businesses are extremely profitable,  some may succumb to the channel's financial pitfalls. With so many constraints and subtleties to consider, businesses need a simple and efficient E-Commerce platform to be successful. This platform must also integrate flawlessly with pre-existing management systems, so it's important to find the right E-Commerce solution to fit your budget and achieve your goals. No matter what platform you chose - a bespoke solution or a pre-existing platform such as Magento - we have the skills and knowledge to help your business reach new heights.

Web Design

Get the most out of your web real estate

At imarcom, we start with your vision and build your website from the ground up. We understand that your are the real experts in your field, so our team of experts work hand in hand with you and your business at every level. From the first prototypes to final release, your feedback and is  an integral part of our process. And it doesn’t stop there: once your product is delivered, we make sure that your are in the driver’s seat with solutions like CMS Open Source, tech support and comprehensive training. 

Digital Strategy

Reach your business goals

The business strategies you deploy are directly determined by your goals -- this is true at any level, may it be production, marketing or management. Your web strategy should be no different. That’s why our team lines up the right strategies and web platforms with your business objectives. We implement cutting edge statistical analysis tools to help you measure and optimize tangible results, so you can boost your web business to new heights.

Web Consulting Services

Discover new possibilities with the right advice

We take your business goals to heart. That's why we strive to offer the best possible advice to you and your team. With over 20 years experience, we've acquired some serious skills and knowledge; our team consists of seasoned veterans who categorically reject the status quo. We believe it's our duty to outwork ourselves and get you the right advice in an ever-changing digital world.


Build Customer Loyalty

With an overabundance of spam mail and the implementation of government restrictions such as anti-spam law C-28, it’s never been a more challenging time to build customer relationships through email newsletters. At imarcom, we use an exclusive IP address approach with far superior email opening rates than the rest of the industry, so your message is getting through to the customers who matter most.


Help your customers find you on the web

Having a homepage on the web is not enough to drive business. Your customers need to find your business by content as well as by name. That’s why we offer a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates the strategies and technical aspects of search engine optimization. In other words, we speak Google’s language.

CRM/ERP Integration

Simplify your business process

Keeping track of customers and cutting down on redundant tasks are crucial to any successful business. That's why we make linking your CRM /ERP systems easy, by seamlessly integrating them to your website or application. Save your business time and money by automating clerical processes and data entry.

Web Hosting

Your Business is in good hands

Simply put, we have the best hosting offering on the market. We've made important investments to ensure the security and efficiency of the websites and web tools we develop. You get the same class-leading hosting environment for the development, testing and launch of your business website or application.